Select from account open item list - context menu option

Once you have selected an account (which is set as an Open item account) on the "Batch entry" screen, you may select the "Select from account open item list" option from the context menu (right-click on selected transaction). The "Open item selection" screen will list the unlinked transactions as well as transactions with outstanding amounts.  


Select the transaction(s) on the "Open item selection" screen.

Add a tick in the "X" column to link.

Click OK to link the transaction in the Batch to the selected transaction(s) in the "Open item selection" screen. 

The Payment discount button will launch the "Receive payment" screen. The debtor (customer / client) account, and amount (as selected on the "Open item selection" screen. as in this example, will automatically be selected.  


If you click OK, the transaction will automatically be posted to the ledger.