Show / Hide Tax in Batches

By default, the Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) column and the Tax lookup, is activated in Batch entry screens. 

If you are not registered as a Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) vendor; or if no Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) is applicable to all transactions in the batch (journal); you may select to hide the Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) column and the Tax lookup.


To hide the tax in batches:

1.On the "Batch entry" screen, click F10:Setup

2.On the Standard tab of the "Options for this batch" screen, select (tick) the "No tax" option. 

3.Click OK. The "Batch entry" screen will close and reopen automatically. The "Tax" column and the Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax) lookup will not be available.


Consolidate lines setting

If the "Consolidate balancing" option is selected in batches and tax is selected for transactions, the Tax reports (Reports → Tax) may not include the tax on transactions correctly. 

For example, the Sales batch (journal), using the "Consolidate balancing" option may will not be included in the Tax reports (Reports → Tax) but includes the transactions in sales documents (i.e. Invoices an Credit notes). Transactions on other Batch types may cause similar errors.  

The reason for this, is the Consolidate balancing option on the Standard tab - F10:Setup on the "Options for this batch" screen. 

When setting up the batch, an information message is displayed:

 "Consolidating lines and using tax will mess up your tax report! Please make sure you do not use tax or do not consolidate lines!" 

Click on the OK button and click on the F10:Setup icon and deselect (remove the tick) from the Consolidate balancing field on the Standard tab of the "Options for this batch" screen. 

Balance the batch again.


Enter Exclusive of Tax 



Enter Inclusive of Tax