Using this Bank Import Plug-in, you may import a valid bank statement file (downloaded from your online banking) saved on your system into a Bank account (Cash-book).

This Bank Import Plugin will save you time, since you do not need to physically enter the transactions manually in the Payments journal and Receipts journal.

This plug-in uses Bank references to automatically allocate or link payments and deposits, receipts, other debits. credits, etc. to the correct accounts. 

It further supports the bank accounts of your debtors (customers / clients) to use the automatic receipts for debit orders, etc. 

It further supports the bank accounts of your creditors (suppliers / vendors) to use the automatic payments to manage the payments to suppliers, etc.

Bank import plugin - Manual 1 -Manual 2 - Shop - Once-off license - 

The Bank import plugin will import bank transactions and save you hours of data entry. You can simply link transactions to your debtors, creditors or other accounts. And with a simple mouse click link the payments to the right invoices. Needs to be activated on the Setup ribbon, select Setup System parameters.

Upgrade to TurboCASH5.2

The Bank import plugin is included in the release of TurboCASH5.2 

Accounting Made Easy – BankImport Plugin - English tutorials

This tutorials is available as a download at SourceForge

English tutorials (using the BankImport plugin for banking / cash transactions):

The following Set of Books based on this tutorial, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\BANK-IMPORT\” folder:

HANDY-BANK (No transactions).

HANDY-BANK-A (Unposted transactions in batches and documents, except the Payments and Receipt batches, which is cleared for the Bank account and the Petty cash).

HANDY-BANK-B (Posted transactions in batches and documents, including the imported bank statement and processed Petty cash transactions).

HANDY-BANK-UNPOSTED-BANK-STATEMENT – All transactions in batches and documents have been posted. The sample Bank statement in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\BANK-IMPORT\BANK-STATEMENTS” folder needs to be imported and Petty cash transactions needs to be processed).