You may generate transactions for those Debtor (customer / client) accounts, which have an outstanding balance of less than the amount you specify.

This feature may be used if you decide, for example, to write-off all debts of all the debtors who owe less than a specified amount, which are considered uneconomical to recover.

To generate multiple transactions for debtors with an outstanding amount less than a specified amount:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Batch entry (F2). 

2.Select the Batch type (except Payment and Receipt Journals, which is linked to Bank accounts) and click on the Open button.

3.Enter the Alias (batch name) in the "Change alias" field. 

4.Click on the F10:Setup icon and select the Contra account. 

5.Click on the F9: Process icon. The "Process the batch" screen will be displayed.

6.Select the "Generate multiple transactions" option. 


7.Select and enter the following:

a)Date for transactions - Enter or select the date for which the transactions should be generated.

b)Contra account - Leave as is. The contra account needs to be selected in the F10:Setup.

c)To debtors with a balance less than (amount) - Specify an amount for which debtors owing less than this amount should be listed in the batch.

5.Click on the OK button. The "Generate multiple transactions" screen will automatically be closed, and the transactions for the Debtors will be imported into the selected batch. 

6.Check the transactions and, if necessary, change the descriptions, etc.

Once you have finished entering / editing the transactions in the batch you need to: - 

1.Balance the batch.

2.List the batch.

3.Post the batch.