Plugins are included in the TurboCASH5 installation. By default, Plugins are not available from the Tools → Plugins menu on the Setup ribbon. 

Plugin activation

To activate plugins:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Tools → Activate plugins

2.On the Plugin load list screen, you may select to activate / deactivate, the plugins you have purchased on the list.


3.Click on the Close button.

4.The selected plugins will be added to the Tools → Plugins menu on the Setup ribbon. 

5.Plugins needs a license before these can be activated. Some plugins, if not registered (purchased on the Webshop), can be used for a number of transactions or records only.

Using plugins 

Once the Plugins are activated, you need to activate (enable) the plugins that you have purchased in the Tools Plugins menu on the Setup ribbon (tab). Some plugins should be enabled for each Set of Books in TurboCASH5.

If the plugin is not in the list (bankimport plugin), it needs not be activated in the Setup → System parameters on the Setup ribbon (tab).

Start TurboCASH5 again to fully activate the enabled plugins.

Retrieving plugin licenses

To retrieve plugin licenses:

1.Go to the Start ribbon (tab). Then click on Online registration

2.On the “Register your TurboCASH” screen, click on the Get it online button.

3.On the next screen, enter your username and password for this website. 

4.Then click Send (bottom of screen) and your plugin codes are retrieved from our servers.

5.You will see all the plugins you purchased or plugins you have asked for a trial. Behind the purchased plugin (s) you will see the number of collection (retrieve) opportunities and possibly the end date of the Plugin (in the case of time-license plugins) specified.

If the counter of the retrieval capability to 0, then the Plugin(s) blocked. To reset the counter, you can send us an email with the request to activate the plugins again.

If the plugins are about to expire, you will be notified. osFinancials will automatically send a quotation for extending the usage period. 

This will happen before the actual expiry date.

So if the quotation is paid, the plugin(s) are extended in period after the original expired date.

So you won't need to see the notice messages until the expiry date.

6.Click on the Close button.

You only can use plugins with the serial number/account of the TurboCASH5  account that you purchased the plugins with.

The plugins can not be combined with other plugins purchased using a different account.

This could happen if you have registered multiple-times.