The Action ribbon is used to manage the following: 

Master Files – Ledger accounts (chart of accounts), debtors, creditors, contacts, stock items, appointments, tasks, etc.

Transactions - Processing of transactions in batches and sales documents sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) and purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders), batches (journals), managing open item accounts (adjust payment dates and / or process receipts / remittance advice for payments and / or refunds, etc.

Periodic Processing – Reconciliation, Repeating transactions and invoices.

Search – Search for data and print transactions and documents, etc.

Help – Access the help file, websites (forum, bug reporting, webshop), support details, etc.


The following seventeen options (17) options are available:

1.Documents - action-ribbon-documentsAccess, process and manage sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) and purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders).

2.Debtors - Create / edit debtor (customer / client) accounts.

3.Creditors - Create / edit creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts.

4.Stock items - Create / edit stock (inventory) items.

5.Batch entry - Enter and process transactions in batches.

6.Reconciliation - Reconcile transactions in payment and receipt batches (linked to a bank account) with bank statements. 

7.Open item link - Process / edit links for accounts set as Open item accounts. You may also adjust the payment dates for these accounts or process a receipts or payments. 

8.Contacts - Create / edit contact persons and print a list of contacts. 

9.Calendar - The calendar / planner allows you to manage (schedule, add, edit, delete) events (appointments, debtor appointments, creditor appointments, repeating invoices and to generate quotes / invoices for events). It also allows you to (add / edit / delete) contacts and tasks.

10.Accounts - Create, edit, delete general ledger accounts (income / expense, bank and tax accounts). 

11.Update ledger - Update (post) sales documents (i.e. invoices and credit notes) and purchase documents (i.e. purchases and supplier returns) and batches to the ledger. 

12.Help - Access the following eight (8) options:

a)Help - Launch the TurboCASH Help system where you may locate topics on TurboCASH.

b)About TurboCASH - View the version and release date of the program and the version of your Operating System.

c)Support - View contact information of TurboCASH or go to the Support page via the Internet.

d)Show Welcome - By default, the Welcome to TurboCASH screen displays the website. If the "Welcome to TurboCASH" screen is not displayed, it will launch the "Welcome to TurboCASH" screen. 

e)Online registration - Register the TurboCASH program.

f)Forum - Please visit our Forum to find solutions or to post comments, etc.

g)Webshop - Please visit our webshop. 

h)Bug report - View, search and report any bugs on our bug-tracking system at Sourceforge

13.Edit - Access the following three (3) options:

a)Repeating transactions - Enter / edit transactions in batches of a recurring nature.

b)Repeating invoices - Generate and process invoices of an recurring nature.

c)Delete - Delete sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) and purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders).

14.Input - Access the following six (6) options:

a)Adjust stock - Access the "Stock item" screen. 

b)Confirm - Confirm and convert quotes to invoices and orders to purchases.

c)Backorders - Add, edit and delete back orders for stock items.

d)Sales documents - Process / edit Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes.

e)Purchase documents -  Process / edit Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders.

f)POS Invoice - Run and manage a point-of-sales shift and process point-of-sale invoices. 

15.Search - Launch the Investigator to search and filter for data in the Set of Books.  

16.Projects - By default, this option is inactive. Once project is activated, you may process transactions for projects and print project reports. 

17.Workflow - To be advised.