The User tab ribbon is a custom (quick menu). It is used to manage user navigation in a Set of Books. This You may select (tick) the Auto-learn feature to add the last accessed options in up to six (6) groups.  

The User tab ribbon may be changed or set manually in Access control on the Setup ribbon. 

By default, when opening the Set of Books, the Action ribbon will be displayed. It the User tab ribbon, is activated, the User tab ribbon will automatically be displayed when opening the Set of Books.



You may edit the User tab.

To set (change / edit) User ribbon: 

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Access control

2.Click on Usertabs.


3.Make sure that the correct User is selected, or click on the User icon, for which you need to create or add the access options on the User tab ribbon. 

4.Click in the Add record icon to create a new record. 

5.Select the Group (group 1 to 6). 

6.Select a Control (menu from the list). 

7.Click on the Save record icon to add the record.  

8.Click on the Apply button to save the changes for this user.

9.Select the next available user to restrict or allow access to batches and / or accounts, if necessary.

10.Click on any of the tabs to set the access levels for each selected user. 

11.Once finished, click on the Close button to exit the "Access control" screen.

You may also use the filter options to make filter files, save filter files and load filter files. access-control-user-tab-ribbon-filters