This option enables you to allow or restrict a user from printing and viewing Creditor, Debtor, General ledger, Stock or User reports in a specific Set of Books. 

To set reports access options for an user: 

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Access control.  

2.Click on the Reports access tab.


2.Make sure that the correct User is selected, or click on the User icon, for which you need to restrict or allow access to Reports.

3.Remove the tick to restrict the selected user, or place a tick in the field to allow access to the following reports: 

a)Creditor reports - Not implemented.

b)Debtor reports - Not implemented. 

c)General ledger reports - Allow access to print, view and export reports from the Ledger analyser 1, Ledger analyser 2, T-Account viewer. All Ledger reports (except Ledger analyser 1) accessed from the Reports menu list on the Reports ribbon, are still available to print. 

d)Stock reports - Not implemented.

e)User reports - Not implemented. 

4.Click on the Apply button to save the changes for this user.

5.Select the next available user to restrict or allow access to batches and / or accounts, if necessary.

6.Click on any of the tabs to set the access levels for each selected user. 

7.Once finished, click on the Close button to exit the "Access control" screen.