This option allows you to set the options for document processing.

To set documents access options for an user: 

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Access control

2.Click on the Documents tab. 


3.Make sure that the correct User is selected, or click on the User icon, for which you need to restrict or allow access to Documents.

4.Select the following options: 

a)Documents posting - By default, the Posting and Delete buttons are not available on the "Document list" screen. If you select (tick) this field, you may delete and /or update (post) documents to the ledger.

b)Auto refresh - To be advised.

c)Interval (sec.) - To be advised.

d)Search for strings - To be advised.

e)Costcenter in doc - By default, the Cost centre feature is not activated for Documents. If you select (tick) this field, you may process sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) as well as purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders). 

f)Readonly tax - To be advised.

g)Doc no - Select the salesperson from the list. This will use the salesperson to generate document numbers when creating new documents. 

h)Direct edit fields - To be advised.

i)Limit Documents SQL - To be advised.

j)Limit Stock SQL - To be advised.

k)Disable on doc form - 

Limit actions - To be advised.

Limit deb/cred - To be advised.

Limit layouts - To be advised.

6.Click on the Apply button to save the changes for this user.

7.Select the next available user to restrict or allow access, if necessary.

8.Click on any of the tabs to set the access levels for each selected user. 

9.Once finished, click on the Close button to exit the "Access control" screen.