You may delete a password for a selected user. All other users may still continue to use their passwords to open and work in a Set of Books. You could also delete the passwords for all users, in which case the security options will then be disabled.

To delete an user password:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Access control


2.Make sure that the correct User is selected, or click on the User icon, which you need to delete.

3.Click on the Delete button. You may also right-click on the selected User icon and select the "Delete" option on the context menu. 

Should you delete user system administrator and then user with restrictions, the following confirmation message is displayed:

"Not accessing the Setup system with just one user makes changing user privileges impossible by the program!
Are you sure you want to continue?"

4.A confirmation message will be displayed: 

"Warning, this will seriously affect your Set of Books! Do you still wish to continue?" .

5.Click on the Yes button. The selected user password and all security options and access levels for that user will be permanently removed. If you click on the No button, the user will not be removed.

6.Click on the Close button to exit the "Access control" screen.

If you delete the last of the users in a Set of Books, the password login will be cleared and display the information message will be displayed. 

 "You have chosen to delete all users! Access control will now be disabled!"

Click on the OK button. The "Login" screen will not be displayed when you Open or Delete the Set of Books.