Documents (Sales and Purchases)

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To add to documentation

Show tax in documents (Action → Accounts)

Documents will create the necessary transactions and it will also generate the necessary source documents. Documents may be printed, reprinted, etc. in various layout files.

Documents may be created from the following options:

Action → Documents

Action → Edit → Repeating invoices

Action → Calendar (Repeating invoices)

Action → Calendar (Invoices for Hours)

Action → Calendar (Create invoice - context menu)

Action → Input → Confirm (Quotes and Orders)

In addition to this, documents may also be created on quickly from the following context menus:

Copy document - Create a copy of a selected document.

Create purchase on default supplier 1 - Create order/s for  selected invoice/s). Preferred supplier 1 must be selected for a stock item Stock items (Action ribbon).

Convert invoice to order - Create order/s for  selected invoice/s).

Convert to credit note  / supplier return (invoice/s will be converted to credit note/s and purchase/s to supplier return/s).

Copy to - Copy selected document/s - to invoice/s, credit note/s, quote/s, purchase/s, supplier return/s or order/s.

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