Troubleshooting differences

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If there is a difference between the reconciled balance and the balance according to TurboCASH, there is an error, in the “Payments” or the “Receipts” Journals. Search for the error and correct it.

A few examples that can possibly cause a difference:

Your closing bank balance is incorrectly entered on the Reconcile Bank account screen (Action →  Reconciliation).

Incorrect date entered ("Include Items Until" field) on Bank account Recon Options screen (Action → Reconciliation).

Errors in posting - they should have been detected when your bank reconciliation was done.

If everything else fails you may sometimes have to look at your Cash-book and link up the source documents to check if you have entered all your transactions correctly. You could also have posted an amount incorrectly e.g. as 64.00 and entered it as 46.00.  

You may need to print the posted batch transactions for the period on the following options to trace the errors:

Batch transactions per period report for the Payments and Receipt Batch and the (Reports → Batch entry) (select the period of your Bank reconciliation).

Batch entry for the Payments batch and / or Receipts batch (Action → Batch entry - Posted batches tab). Select the correct batch and double-click on it. Click on the Print button.  

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