T-Ledger analyser - Trial balance

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This will list all accounts in the chart of accounts reported both in the Income statement, as well as the Balance sheet.

This will list the following account types:

Income statement.

Balance sheet - Assets, Liabilities and Capital. It includes the following account types, i.e.:

Bank accounts

Tax accounts

Retained income / earnings.

Creditor's control account.

Debtor's control account.

If you have created two (2) Reporting groups (Setup → Groups), you may have different views of your data. For example the Group options:

None - Lists all accounts according to account code.

Reporting group 1 - List all accounts according to the reporting group (e.g. Income + Expenses + Capital + Current liabilities + Fixed assets + Current assets)

Reporting group 2 - List all accounts according to the reporting group (e.g. Fixed assets + Current assets + Capital + Current liabilities + Income + Expenses)

To change your view of the Accounting groups, select the groups and use the Move up and Move down buttons to change the sequence.

This will determine the sequence in which your Groups are listed on the Action → Accounts and on the Reports → T-Ledger analyser 1 is displayed, when Reporting group 1 or Reporting group 2 is selected.

An example of the Trial balance - Reporting group 1 report type, in the T-Ledger analyser screen is displayed as follows:

An example of the printed Trial balance, is as follows:

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Page 2

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