T-Ledger analyser - Standard column balances

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The Standard column balances displays the account debit and credit balances in the following three (3) reports, in one report:

1.Trial balance (Income, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities and Capital

2.Income statement (Income and Expenses).

3.Balance sheet (Assets, Liabilities and Capital).

This is a breakdown of the Trial balance into the Income statement and Balance sheet.  

Once the report is generated, the following options are available:

1.Print - Click on the Print button to print the report.

2.Export - Click to export the data to a spreadsheet.

3.T-Account viewer - Double-click on any of the amounts of an account to view the transactions. Only those transactions will be listed in the T-Account viewer matching the Periods selected on the Per period tab.    

An example of the printed Standard column balances report, is as follows:

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