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This option allows you to set up the number of reporting dates required, and the start date of your financial year. Financial statements and other reports need to be drafted, usually on an annual basis. The financial year is further divided into accounting periods or reporting dates.

These accounting periods or reporting dates are used to enter your financial and transaction data into TurboCASH. These accounting periods are used to retrieve a wide range of reports on the financial activities, performance or financial position of your entity. You may set the number of accounting periods or reporting dates from 1 to 13.

It also allows you to restrict posting for the last year, or a specific financial period. However, you are still able to access the detail and transactions for these "Closed" periods.

To Set Reporting dates:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Reporting dates.

2.Select the following options for the Set of Books:

a)Number - Number of reporting dates (financial periods) for which you can enter transactions and view reports. Usually the number 12 for each calendar month in a financial year (1 (year)) is used.

or 6 months is usually used for small businesses such as clubs, where the number of transactions is minimal.

b)Start date - The starting date of your financial year.

c)Post to last year? - If this box is not ticked, you will not be able to post any transactions, budgets, etc. to the financial year preceding the financial year entered in the start date field.

d)Open for posting? - If this box is not ticked, you will not be able to post any transactions, budgets, etc. to the financial period, which ends on the specified Ends on field.

e)Previous year – This option allows you to block posting to any closed financial years older than last year periods.

3.If you click on the OK button.

If you click on the Close button, the data which you have selected and / or entered, will be not be saved (Data will be lost or the operation will be cancelled).

Should you select any other number of periods, 13 or less than 12, the Reporting dates screen will change to display only the number of financial periods entered. You may then change the description (calendar months - January to December) to suit your requirements. These descriptions are then displayed for the Periods (This Year and Last Year) lookup facility as well as on reports.

For the purposes of the this documentation, dd/MM/yyyy (e.g. 01/03/2013) is used as the short date style. You may change or set the system date style or format to display the short date style for your requirements on the screens, reports and documents in TurboCASH.

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