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The Transactions tab will list the transactions for open item accounts.

Filter options:

1.Search by - Select any of the column headings and an operator (e.g. Like (default), =, <, >, <=, =>, or <> ) and enter a value. Click on the Filter button. Only those transactions matching your specified values will be listed. To clear the values, click on the Clear button.

2.Account type - Select (tick) or deselect (remove the tick) to list the accounts for the selected account type(s) (Ledger, Debtors or Creditors).

3.Open transactions only - By default, this option is not selected and will list all transactions, including those with a 0.00 balance. If this field is ticked, it will list only those transactions with a value of more than 0.00 in the "Due" column. - Click on the group button to group the transactions on the list by "Month, From today, By date" and "By year".

You may also drag columns to the "Use your mouse to pull a column here to group on that column" row.  

5.limitrows - Limit rows - 200 rows is the default number of rows or transactions to be listed. The number of rows may be specified (decreased or increased).

6.Export - This button will create an Export.txt (Text files), which you may change the name and folder and save it. A Comma separated (CSV) file format is also available. Exported files can be used in a spreadsheet.

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