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Add multi-currencies

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Setup Currencies.

2.Add the currencies.

Process multi-currency documents

1.Create an Invoice as usual.

2.Select the Currency

When you print the invoice, it will display the selected currency, e.g.:

Receiving Payment

The payment from a different country may differ from the original invoice (e.g. invoice 15000.00 and payment received 15100.00) due to currency fluctuations.  

Reconcile the Currency Difference account

The amount received in the bank account, is 15100.00 and the debtor invoice is 1710.00. The outstanding debtors amount for the receipt need to be transferred to the debtor account.

The Receipts batch - Usually entered from printed bank statement or an imported bank statement (BankImport Plugin)

Transfer the Debtor Amount to the Currency Difference Account.

The Profit / Loss with the Multi-currency will be recorded in the Currency - Differences account

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