Printing logo on documents

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The logo field is included in the document layout files. To display the logo, you need to load the logo in the “Company info - Options” screen.

To load the Company logo:

1.Go to the Setup → Company info.

2.Click on the Options button.

3.Click on the Load from file button (or right-click in the Logo area) and select the Load from file option.

4.On the TurboCASH - Load Picture screen, select a valid file format (i.e. jpg, png, gif, bmp).

5.Click OK to save.

6.The logo should be displayed when printing documents.

If you do not wish to print the logo, repeat the process but select the Clear option.

You may also edit the layout file in the Report designer (accessed from the Reports or Setup ribbons). You may resize and move the image on your layout file and change the settings (i.e. crop, stretch, display full size, tile or proportional tile) on the Image tab - Draw Style field to display the image or logo.

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