Delete all items and comments - Documents

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If you have selected a number of items and / or added comments in a Document entry screen, you may wish to delete all the transactions and comments, if any, in the document.

To delete all the items and comments:

1.Click on the F10:Delete all icon. A confirmation message "Are you sure you want to clear all the entries in this Invoice?" will be is displayed.

2.Click on the Yes button, if you are absolutely sure. All the items and comments will be removed and deleted from this document.

If you have clicked on the F10:Delete all icon by accident; or if you wanted to delete only a few items and / or comments, click on the No button. You may then click on the F12:^D:Delete icon, or press the F12 key or the Ctrl + D keys, to delete only the selected lines or rows.

If you have entered any overall discount for this Invoice, you need to click on the F8:Discount icon, to set the discount to a zero percentage. The Enter overall discount screen is displayed:

Enter the zero percentage, and press the Enter key on your keyboard. You may start to select other items and add comments in the same document.

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