Auto-post documents on print

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By default all documents need to be manually posted on the following options:

Action Update ledger

Action Documents - Posting button (if added)

Setup  Documents - Auto-post documents on print field not selected.

To set the documents to post (update) to the ledger when printed:

1.Click on the Setup → Documents.

2.Select (tick) the Auto-post documents on print option.

3.Click on the OK button to save your changes. Documents will automatically be updated (posted) to the ledger, when documents are printed.

If you use this feature, and do not print a document once it is generated, you need to:

Update (post) the unprinted documents manually; or

Print unposted documents to update the documents. You may print a list of unprinted documents in Reports → Documents Unprinted documents listing.

You may disable this mode of document printing by selecting (placing a tick) in the “No print confirmation” field on Setup → Stock information. This will not print any documents when processing documents.

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