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Missing views in MySQL

BUG – Tools – Global Processes – Reverse Cancel Posted Batches / Documents + postedbatch.rep – MySQL Error

Works in Postgress and Firebird – but in MySQL produces the following error:

#42S02Table '909-handyman-mysql.v_transactasbatchwithtransid' doesn't exist

Also replicated in reverse Posted Batch

#42S02Table '909-handyman-mysql.v_transactasbatchwithtransid' doesn't exist

There are a few more tables in postgress than in MySQL databases - missing views.

Views MySQL

In Postgress views but not in MySQL views

- transactasbatch

- v_transactasbatchwithtransid

- v_tansacttaxentries

Views Postgress


The latest script files in the latest osF and TC 5 Releases - Winmerge shows the 2 installs are in sync

for both postgress and mysql

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