Delete stock items

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You may delete a stock item, if it has no transactions and / or balances.

You may disable a stock item to hide the stock item from the stock lookup when processing documents. Disabled stock items will still be included on the stock lookup when printing reports.

You may need to do this, if you are no longer use the stock item, the stock item is discontinued, etc.

To delete a stock item:

1.On the Stock items, select the stock item, and click on the Delete button. A confirmation message "Are you sure you want to delete this stock item?" will be displayed.

Make sure absolutely sure that the correct stock item is selected.

2.Click on the Yes button. The stock item will be permanently removed (deleted).

To disable a stock item:

1.If the stock item has transactions and / or balances, you cannot delete it. A information "3COMP You cannot delete this stock item! It has transactions! 12 PU000004" message will be displayed (3COMP is the stock code and PU000004 is the last processed document number as per this example).

2.To hide the stock item from the stock item lookup when processing documents, select the stock item and click on the Edit button.

3.Tick the Disabled field.

4.Click on the Save button.

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