Debtor listing - List details (Reports menu)

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The Debtor listing - List details report will display the Contact details, Registration details, Banking details, Reporting details, Accounting terms and information for each debtor (customer / client) account.

To print a Debtor listing - List details report:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Debtors → Listing.

2.Select "List details", if not already selected.

3.Select the following:  

a)From ... To... - Select a debtor (customer / client) account or a range of debtor (customer / client) accounts, to include in the report.

b)Sequence - Select "Debtor code, Description, Reporting group 1 or Reporting group  2" to print the report details in the order (sort) in which you wish to display the data.

c)New page per account - If this option is selected (ticked), it will print the transactions for each account on a new page.

d)Reporting group 1 - Select a reporting group or more reporting groups. The report will only be printed for those debtor (customer / client)  accounts linked to the selected Debtor reporting group 1.

4.Click on the OK button.

View the "Debtor list -Details" report

The List details report will display the following information:

1.Contact details - Contactperson, Telephone 1 / 2, Fax, E-Mail, Website, Postal address, Delivery address and Language of the debtor (customer / client).

2.Registration details - Company Registration number and Tax registration number.

3.Banking details - Bank account type, Name of Bank account, Bank account number and Branch code.

4.Reporting details - Reporting group 1 / 2, Layout file 1 (Invoices), Layout file 2 (Credit notes) and Layout file 3 (Quotes).  If no layout files are selected, the documents will be printed for the global settings in Setup → Documents setup.

5.Accounting terms and information - Statement message, Credit limit, Monthly interest rate, Customer discount rate, Due days (payment terms), account settings (i.e. Open item / Balance B/F), Account disabled, Default selling price and Salesperson.

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