Create / Add events (Appointments)

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Schedule or create events or appointments

You may schedule or add any of the following categories of events:

Appointment (general - i.e. with bank manager, lunches, etc.).

Repeating invoices - schedule when you need to copy / process repeating invoices.

Debtors appointment - schedule up to six (6) categories of appointments with debtors (customers / clients). You may also create invoices for these debtor appointments.

Creditors appointment - schedule appointments with creditors (suppliers).

Colour coding also makes it easier to identify the category of the event, when displayed in the Calendar.

To add (create) events or appointments:

1.Select a suitable time on the day-time view of the agenda and right-click. The following context menu is displayed:

2.To create a new event, select the Add Event option. The Untitled - Event screen is displayed:

3.Enter the subject (topic) of the appointment.

4.Select the category (i.e. Appointment, Repeating invoices, Debtors appointment  or Creditors appointment).

5.Set the Start time and End time for the appointment. The selected time, when the Add Event option was launched, will be displayed.

If you wish to mark this event as an all day event, select the All Day Event option. You are then not able to set the start and the end date.

6.Select the appointment recurrence (i.e. None (default), Daily, Weekly, Monthly by Day, Monthly by Date, Yearly by Day, Yearly by Date or Custom).

If Custom is selected, you may set the interval in the number of days.

If the Recurrence is set to any other value than None, the Repeat until date will be displayed for one calendar year, e.g. 31/03/2014 if the start date is 31/03/2015.

You may then select a date until, which the event or appointment is to be repeated.

7.Select the Reminder option if you need to be reminded of the event or appointment.

This will remind you of a scheduled event or task well in advance (from any number of minutes, hours and even days) until the event or appointment is deleted.

8.Enter any additional information or notes about the appointment. This will also be displayed when you edit the event or when the Reminder is displayed.

9.Click on the OK button to save the event or appointment.

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