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The budget facility is used to enter and edit budget figures in TurboCASH, which can be compared with actual income and expenses. Budgets are a guide as to what you want to achieve; for instance what income you expect to generate (sales forecasts and income from other sources) and a plan for your expenses you need to incur to achieve that income. Budget figures can be flexible so as to take into account seasonal trends in business.

The following new features have been added:

1.Budgets may be entered for any of the periods or financial years.

2.Budgets may be entered for a specific date - e.g. Expected once off purchases or a specific big sale, etc.

3.Budgets may be entered for Cost centres (Cost centre 1 and / or Cost centre 2), if activated.

4.Budgets may be entered for Projects, if activated.

Budget figures (if entered in Action → Accounts), are displayed on the following reports (Reports ribbon):

1.T-Ledger analyser 1 /2:

Budget option for Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet and Standard column balances report types.

Budget vs actual report type.

2.T-Account viewer

3.Ledger - Budget vs Actual (3 periods).

4.Optional (if activated):

Cost centres - If Cost centres are activated and Budget figures are entered in Action → Accounts.

Projects - If Projects are activated and Budget figures are entered in Action → Accounts.

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