Backup a Set of Books to E-mail

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To use this option, your computer system must be properly set up and the Internet Account with your Internet Service Provider. The process to create a backup file must be followed.

To send a backup file via e-mail:

1.Select the "E-mail backup" option on the Backup Set of Books screen. When the backup process is finished, your e-mail program will automatically be launched.

2.The e-mail address of Pink Software will automatically be entered in this field Should you wish to change it to a different e-mail address, (e.g. that of your auditor or consultant), you may enter a valid e-mail address to that field.

3.Add a description to the subject if you wish (e.g. your company name).

4.The file is automatically attached to the e-mail message. You may attach another document to the e-mail. Note that your Internet Service Provider may limit your e-mail message (e.g. including attachments to 1.2MB). If the message is larger than the allowed message, your message may not reach the recipient and may be returned.

5.Enter your message.

6.Click on the Send button.

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