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When you install TurboCASH for the first time, the select a Language window is displayed on which you may select the language and country. If you have selected the incorrect language / country, when launching TurboCASH for the first time, you may change it.

This option allows you to choose between English, Afrikaans, Arabic, American English, Bosna i Hercegovina, Chinese, Croatia, Dutch, Elinika, Español, Français, German, Greek, Hrvatski, India, Indonesian, Ireland, Italiano, Lithuanian, Mauritius, Netherlands, Slovenian, Srbija i Crna Gora, Türkçe, Vietnamese, Xhôsa, etc.

In addition to these languages we have also included country specific languages to accommodate country specific tax and accounting terminology. Should you select the correct language for your country and you click on the Help → Wiki menu or on the Wiki button of the Default tab on the Sidebar, your Country Page will be displayed.

You may even customise any language for your own personal use.

To Choose a Language:

1.Click on the File → Switch Language menu. The Choose a Language screen is displayed:

2.Select the Language of your choice.

3.Click on the OK button. A progress indicator at the bottom of the screen will display the progress. When the process is completed, the menus and the screens will be displayed in the selected language.

To Access the Customise Language option:

1.Right-click in any area of the list of languages (on the Choose a Language screen).

2.Click on the Customize Context menu option. This will directly access the selected (highlighted) language on the Customize Languages screen (Tools → Customise Language menu).

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