Stock Items List Screen

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To Access the Stock Item List Screen:

1.Click on the Stock Items button on the Sidebar (Quick menu) or on the Edit  →  Stock Items menu.


The Stock Selection Screen is displayed:

2.Sidebar The following buttons (quick links) are available:

a)Setup Stock This will launch the Stock Information screen (Setup  →  System parameters  →  Stock Information menu). On this screen, you may set the units of stock, change the selling price descriptions, set the default selling price. Cost of Sales parameters may also be set for the Default (Trading Stock) stock type. You may also configure document processing options.

b)Setup Groups This will launch the Setup Groups screen (Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups menu). On this screen, you may add Reporting Groups (i.e. Stock Group 1 and / or Stock Group 2). These may be used to search and filter your stock items and to print reports.  

c)Export Create an Export file in the following file formats:

Tab delimited (*.txt) (default).

Lotus Spreadsheet (*.Wk1).

Comma Separated Value (*.csv).

Stock Items may also be exported from the Tools  →  Export (Stock Items) menu.

d)Import Import a valid file exported via the Import option.

Stock Items may also be imported from the Tools  →  Import (Stock Items) menu.

3.Buttons The following buttons are available:

oNew Create a New stock item.

oEdit Edit / change a selected stock item.

You may also double click on a selected stock item.

oSave Save any changes to a stock item.

oCancel Cancel will revert to the previous values. Any changes will not be saved.

oCopy from Item This will create an exact copy of a selected stock item.  You only need to enter the Stock code and change / edit the necessary fields.

You may also select the Stock Type. The fields that are not applicable to a selected stock type, will be disables / enabled.

oDefault This will display the Export / Import, Adjust Stock and Settings tabs. Clicking on the Default button, the button's caption will change to display  Advanced Mode. This will hide the Export / Import, Adjust Stock and Settings tabs. In the Advanced Mode, you may enter / edit data (values) of stock items (like you would in a spreadsheet).

5.Line Count This will display the number of records (stock items) that is available on the list. This will display the number of records (rows / stock items) that matches your filter / search criteria.

6.Reports Print the Barcode or the Yagoda barcode.

There are two (2) options to print these reports, i.e.:

Click on the Report button – to include all stock items in the reports.

Right-click on a selected item and select the Print Single Item option from the context menu.

7.Use Barcode Printer Select this option if have a barcode printer configured and setup on your system; and you need to print the Barcodes (i.e. Barcode or Yagoda Barcode) report type from the list.

8.Search Filter / Options Filter by entering the Item Code, Description or Extra Description and / or by selecting (ticking) the Reporting Group 1 / 2. If you click on the Search button, the only those stock items that matches your search / filter criteria will be listed. If you click on the Type button,  you may select Item Code, Description, Extra Description, Reporting Group 1, Reporting Group 2 or Creditor.

If Creditor option is selected in the Type field, you may select the Creditor Account on the Lookup. This will list those stock items which are linked to the creditor account in the Preferred Supplier 1 (Default Supplier 1) field of the Ledger tab of a Stock Item.

9.Context Menu The following options are available:

oPrint Single Item – Prints the selected report type for the selected stock item only. If you need to include all items, click on the Report button.

oCopy The following options to process Supplier 1 and Purchase Sales Stock Tax are available:

oCopy from / Initial Action

oPerform on Selected Rows

oReporting Group 1 - Change the reporting group of a stock item, if Reporting Group 1 was set for Stock Items (as added in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups (Stock Group 1) menu).

The colours of the rows (list of stock items) will be changed, if set in Reporting Group 1.

oReporting Group 2 Change the reporting group of a document, if Reporting Group 2 was set for Stock Items (as added in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups (Stock Group 2) menu).

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