The Units will be displayed on the various screens and reports as well as some document layout files. 

To add unit descriptions:

1.Select the Setup → System parameters → Stock information menu. The Stock information screen will be displayed.

2.Click on the Units tab.

TurboCASH4 - Stock information unit descriptions

3.Enter the Units of stock description. 

4.Click on the Add button. The Description will be added to the list.

5.Click on the OK button to exit the Stock information screen.

If you click on the Delete button, a confirmation message "Are you sure ?" will be displayed. If you are not sure that the correct unit description is selected, click on the No button. 

If you click on the Yes button, the unit description will permanently be removed from the list. This will affect all reports and printing or reprinting of layout files supporting unit size descriptions. 

If you have deleted a unit size description by accident, you need to do the following: 

1.Add the Unit description.

2.On the Edit Stock items, re-link to the new unit description. 

This will affect all printing or reprinting of layout files supporting unit descriptions. Posted documents will print without any unit descriptions. To print the unit descriptions on unposted documents, you need to edit the documents and reselect the stock item.