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This option should be used if you need to generate sales documents (quotes, invoices and credit notes) and / or purchase documents (i.e. purchases, supplier returns and orders). The Stock Information screen consists basically of 4 sections (i.e. Units of Stock, Selling Prices, Cost of Sales and Documents Setup).

To set the Stock Information and Cost of Sales Parameters:

1.Click on the Setup → System parameters → Stock Information menu. The Stock Information screen is displayed:


2.Units of Stock - The descriptions are selected when you create or edit stock items.

a)Add  Enter these and click on the Add button.

b)Delete - Select a description from the list and click on the Delete button.

2.Selling Price Descriptions 

a)Selling Price Descriptions  The Default (Selling Price 1, Selling Price 2, Selling Price 3) is displayed. You may over-type these with your own.

b)Default  The default selling price as the global setting. You may select any of the 3 Selling Prices.

You may set a different selling price for specific debtor (customer / client) accounts on the Edit  →  Debtor menu (Accounting Information tab).

3.Cost of Sales Settings  This is applicable to the Default (Trading Stock) stock type only. Select the following:

a)Create Cost of Sales  To activate Cost of Sales, select (tick) the Create Cost of Sales tick box.

b)Cost of Sales Batch  Select the Cost of Sales Batch.

c)Use “Average Cost” or “Latest Cost” option.

If you do not wish to print the logo, repeat the process but select the Clear option.This setting is very important for calculating the value of your stock. If you are not sure whether to “use average cost” or “latest cost”, please consult with your accountant. The value of your stock can affect your profit and loss figures.

4.Documents Setup  The rest of the options (tick boxes) are used to set and configure document processing. Deselect (remove the tick) for all these options; if necessary.

The Options button only need to be used to create options for the Option Item and Option Item (No Stock) stock types.

6.Click on the OK button to save your changes and close or exit this screen.

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