Send Reports to Screen

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This option allows you to send any reports generated in the Reports menu (if the Screen option in the Send Report To field) is selected. You may also set the reports to be "Send to the screen" in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Options tab) menu. The selected report or document will be displayed in the Print Preview screen:

If a document is printed and the Send Report to option is selected as the screen option on the Print Options for Documents in the Input → Documents menu the document is displayed in the FastReport Viewer on your screen.

On the top of the report generated on your screen, a row of speed buttons (icons) is displayed. At the bottom of the screen, the number of pages of the report, as well as the current page of the report, is shown on your screen.

The following speed buttons (icons) may be used to print, save the report to a file, or to navigate through the report on the screen:

1.Print - Print the report to the printer. You may select any other printer on the Select a printer screen. If a Dot-matrix printer is selected, you may have to do a Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup to set the paper size, margins, etc.

2.Save - Save the report or document to any valid available file format on your system.

3.Navigation Buttons:

a)First - Go the first page, if the report has more than one page.

b)Previous - Go the previous page, if the report has more than one page.

c)Next - Go the next page, if the report has more than one page.

d)Last - Go the last page, if the report has more than one page.

4.Re-run - Return to the Report options screen to reselect the options for the report. It is not implemented on all Report Options screens.

5.Close - Close or exit the Print Preview screen.

6.Zoom - The size in which a report is displayed on the print Preview on the screen. You may specify the default zoom percentage in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Options tab) menu.

The benefit of printing and saving a report from this screen, is that you first get to view your reports on screen, to make sure that you have selected the correct options. It could be a good idea to print and save from this option, until you are used to the various options to select. You could generate unnecessary, or too little detail for your specific needs, since you will only be able to view the report from the printed paper, or from accessing the saved file.

If Till Slip paper type is selected, the Point-of-Sale Invoice cannot be printed to the screen, but will be printed to the selected printer, as configured in the Setup → System parameters → Point-of-Sale (Printer tab) menu.

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