Send Reports to Printer

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This option allows you to send any reports generated in the Reports menu, if the Printer option in the Send Report to field is selected.

The report will be printed automatically by the printer you have selected in the Setup → Preferences → Printer menu without having a chance to preview the report.

If you wish to print more than one copy of the report, you may select the number of copies to be printed, before you click on the OK button. For all the other report output options you cannot select the number of copies since only one copy is generated.

You may also set the reports and documents to be Send to the screen in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Options tab) menu. If you click on the OK button, or the Print button of the Report Options, or Document Options, the report or document will be sent to the screen. If the report or document is sent to the screen, you may first preview the report or document before printing it.

To Print a Report from the Print Preview Screen:

1.Once a report is displayed on screen, you may click on the Print icon on the Print Preview screen. The Select the Printer screen is displayed:

2.The default printer you have selected in the Setup → Preferences → Printer menu will be displayed. You may select any other available printer on your system by clicking on the list.

3.If you need to set or adjust the properties for the selected printer, you may click on the Properties button.

The Properties options may differ from Printer to Printer. If you have any difficulties please consult the User manual for the selected Printer.

4.The default number of copies is one (1). You may also select the number of copies of the generated report to be printed, if you need to print more than one copy.

5.If you have selected a Dot-matrix printer, you may click on the Page Setup button, to do a Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup, to then set the margins and paper size.

6.Click on the OK button to print the report or document to the selected printer.

It is good practice to have your Printer serviced regularly. This could avoid Printing failures especially when printing long reports.

Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup (Other - Reports)

The Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup allows you to set the paper type, size, quality and margins pages for documents, statements, and other reports, or lists.

To Set the Printer Paper Type for Dot-matrix Printers:

1.The Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup screen will be displayed, whenever you click on the Page Setup button on any of the Select the printer screens, or Setup Documents and Statement Setup screens:

2.Select and / or enter the following options:

a)Report Type - Select the Others option.

b)Margins - You may set the margins (unprintable area) on the right and left-hand side, as well as on the top and at the bottom of the page.

c)Paper Size - You may select or specify the length and width of the other reports, lists, etc. for the selected page.

d)Paper Quality - You may select or specify the quality, i.e. Draft, etc.

e)Reset button - This button will reset any values which you have entered or specified to the default or original values.

3.Click on the Apply button to save your changes.

The Cancel button will exit or close this screen, without saving any changes. If you click on the Cancel button, before you click on the Apply button, this screen will be exited, without saving any changes.

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