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The principles to generate standard reports are basically the same on all report option screens. All documents (invoices, credit notes, delivery notes and quotes for debtors and purchase, supplier returns and orders for creditors (suppliers)) can also be sent to the any of these output methods.

The default method to send the report to, will be displayed in most of the print (send report to) fields as set in the Default Output field of following two (2) options menus:

1.Setup → System parameters → Company Info menu (Options tab).

2.Setup → System parameters → Access Control menu (Reports Access tab).

However, you may select any other method to Send Report to field of the Report Options screen.

To generate a report click on the Reports menu and select the specific report you wish to generate. On the Report Options screen (standard reports), you may select to generate any of these reports to the following media:

1.Screen - Displays the report on your screen from where you can page and scroll through the report. You may also print the report or save it after you have previewed it.

2.Printer - Prints the report directly to the printer specified in the Setup → Preferences → Printer menu.

3.File - TurboCASH Report Export utility allows you to Save the report in a directory and in certain formats you specify.

4.E-mail - Send the report over the Internet as an e-mail message.

5.Fax - Send the report as a Fax to a specified recipient.

If you have selected the Send To Printer option and you click on the OK button, the report will be printed automatically by the printer you have selected in the Setup → Preferences → Printer menu without having a chance to preview the report.

If you wish to print more than one copy of the report, you may select the number of copies to be printed, before you click on the OK button. For all the other report output options you cannot select the number of copies since they only generate one copy.

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