Send Reports to File

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This option allows you to send any reports generated in the Reports menu and Print Options for Documents in the Input → Documents menu, if the File option in the Send Report to field is selected.

You may also set the reports to "Send via Fax" in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Options tab) menu.

To Save a Report to a File:

1.Select the File option in the Send Report to field of any Report Option or Document Option screen, if not already displayed.

If the Report or Document was Send to the Screen, click on the Save icon on the Print Preview screen.

The TurboCASH Export Report screen is displayed:

2.Select a valid directory or folder on your system to save the file in.

3.Select the File Type in which you wish to save the exported file.

a)HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) *.htm

b)Text *.txt

c)Comma Separated Variable *.csv

d)Rich Text Format *.rtf

e)Microsoft Excel™ *.xls

f)Windows Metafile *wmf

4.Enter the name of the file.

5.Click on the Save button.

If the Report or Document was Sent to the screen, click on the Close icon to exit (close) the Print Preview screen.

The following printing progress screen is displayed:

You may also have other available file types, or formats, on your system; depending on any other software that you have installed on your system, such as Lotus, etc.

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