Send Reports to Fax

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This option allows you to send any reports generated in the Reports menu and Print Options for Documents in the Input → Documents menu, if the Fax option in the Send Report To field is selected.

You may also set the reports to be Send via Fax in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Options tab) menu.

Before you can send a Report or a Document via Fax you need to have an e-mail account with your Internet Service Provider and your system needs to be properly configured for Internet and E-mail access.

You also need to have Fax drivers set up and configured on your system. TurboCASH has also included i.efax drivers for you on the TurboCASH installation CD which you may need to install. This will allow you to fax your reports and documents via the Internet.

If the ie.fax drivers are not set correctly, the following error message will be displayed:

To Send a Report via Fax:

1.Launch your Internet connection (if it is not already connected).

2.Select the Fax option in the Send Report to field of any Report Option or Document Option screen, if not already displayed.

3.Select the options for the specific report or document and click on the OK or Print button. The Sending E-mail and Fax Report screen is displayed:

4.Enter and select the Fax number of your contacts.

5.Click on the Send button. The report or document will be sent via fax to the selected recipient.

6.Click on the Cancel button, or on the Close button on the title bar, to close or exit this screen.

The names and fax numbers in the Address Book are entered in the Edit → Debtor (General Information tab) and in the Edit → Creditor (General Information tab) and / or in the Edit → Contacts menu.

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