If you click on Subreport-0. The setting for the object is linked to the DOCUMENTLINE dataset. This means that for each record, the column detail is printed.

If you define a new group, it will when the groups field, the group footer will be printed followed by the new group header.

Report designer structure tab - TurboCASH4

In this report, the report footer is linked to Subreport-1

If you select the footer, you may view the properties of the link to the Subreport-0(DOCUMENTLINE). 

The Footer – MAINGROUP(Subreport-1) is a Child Subreport of the Subreport-0(DOCUMENTLINE).

You may also link a detail row to a subreport. In combination with the masterdataset, you may link the masterdetail. 

In the object inspector you may define settings and formats for the different objects. These object properties will be discussed briefly later in this document.