Should you need to invoice a debtor (customer / client) or specific debtors (customers / clients) on a regular basis (e.g. monthly, etc.), you may use the “Repeating invoices” category to schedule and process the repeating invoices with a few mouse-clicks. 

Once the Repeating invoices is scheduled, you need to reopen the Repeating invoices event to set your repeating invoices.

Repeating invoices may also be generated on the Edit → Repeating invoices menu.

To schedule and process repeating invoices: 

1.Click on the Input → Calendar menu, or on the Calendar button of the Sidebar. 

2.Select the day and a time slot to schedule the hours.

3.Select a date and right-click on a time slot. On the context-menu, select the "Add event..." option. The "Untitled – Event" screen will be displayed.

4.On the "Untitled event" screen, enter and / or select the following:

a)Subject - Leave blank. This will automatically be filled in with "Repeating invoices" as the description of the appointment category when selecting it.

b)Category - Select "Repeating invoices" (Red colour).

c)Salesperson - Select a salesperson. 

d)All day event - Leave blank.

e)Start time - This is the date and time as selected on the Calendar from where the "Untitled - Event" screen was launched. If this date is not correct, you may select the correct date. Enter or select the time slot, if not correct.

f)End time - Enter the time expected to finish the project.

g)Appointment recurrence - The default is "None". You may set it to repeat per moth, per year, etc. 

h)Repeat until - Field disabled. 

i)Reminder - Leave blank. You may activate it and set the Minutes, Hours or Days to remind you in advance to process the scheduled repeating invoices.

5.After scheduling the Repeating invoices, the screen should display as follows: 

TurboCASH4 Calendar repeating invoice event

The "Subject" and the Titlebar will display the "Repeating invoices".

6.Click on the OK button to register and save the Repeating invoices event.

7.Reopen the “Repeating invoices – Event” to add your debtors (customers / clients). The Repeating invoice tab will be added to the “Repeating invoices – Event” screen. Click on the Repeating invoice tab. 
TurboCASH4 Calendar process repeating invoice event

You may enter a Message (up to 3 lines) to display on the invoice. This message will be displayed on the Message fields in the “Document entry” screen's header section and will be printed on the printed invoice.

8.Select the Invoice date; if not correct. This is the date on which the invoice(s) will be created.

9.Click on the New button. 

10.Click on the Lookup icon and select or confirm the stock item for services.

11.Click on the Process selected or Process all button. The information message "Document(s) created!" will be displayed. 

12.Click on the OK button. 

This Invoice may be viewed on the following options: 

Document entry screen as Unposted.

Documents tab of the Debtor (customer / client) account (Edit → Debtors menu). 

The Hours – Event will be displayed in Red colour on the time slot of the scheduled day. The Day in the calendar will also be underlined and displayed in a Red font.