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license.rtf -  GNU Public license 

Support.txt Updated

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Themes Updated and Fixes
Theme added

Material theme (Default install) Fixed and added missing icons. Accounting Made Easy tutorials updated on the Material theme for 2021. 

Themes fixes 
Human theme 

Human theme causes on Debtors and Creditors buttons on the sidebar error “Out of Resources the Debtors and Creditor accounts are not listed – The filter options (fields (columns)) are empty. 

Edited Debtors and Creditors icons – added a 24 x 24 icon to the existing 48x48 - 24 bit (true color) icons and removed the 256x256 icon – Loading perfect after editing the icons. 

Future House – Classic icons

White spaces on Debtors.ico and Creditors.ico on Documents launched from the sidebar 

Added 48x48 and 24x24 (24-bit icons) in Classic themes folder.


UPDATES / FIXES to Books in Repository
Financial Year Start date – set to 2021 

All books set to 2021 

Books starting in July set to 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021  

Quote => Estimates

Changed Quote to Estimates in Documents setup and QU to ES document number prefix 



EN-USA Quote layout file and Vendor returns layout file was POS-STARTSP100 


Layout file point-of-sale - Default A4 =>POS – STARTSP100 



Layout files set Default layout is Documents setup

Set all Books in Repository set to layout files as follows in the Tutorials and Repository:   

1.Invoices - Invoice (15 code) TRN_906206.rep

2.Credit notes - Credit note (15 code) TRN_906207.rep

3.Purchases  - Purchase (15 code) - TRN_906209.rep

4.Supplier returns - Supplier return (15 code) TRN_906210.rep

5.Orders - Order (15 code) TRN_906211.rep

6.Quotes - Quote (15 code) TRN_906208.rep

Layout files for Debtors / Creditors set to blank as it uses the global setting in Setup → Documents setup

Generic layout files Document layout does not print the Document type S.TYPES – Document layout files not supported in TurboCASH4 and is excluded from the TurboCASH4 install. Implemented in TurboCASH4 ( and in TurboCASH5.2. 

1.Document layout (TRN_3174.rep)

2.Document layout (no codes) (TRN_906278.rep)

3.Document layout (10 code) (TRN_906276.rep)

4.Document layout (15 code) (TRN_906277.rep)

5.Layout file (TRN_1910.rep) 

Language files Updated 

American fixed language file + typos

Updated for the following 25 languages.

Links Updated in Language files in Ini Files and Setup Files 

Help menu links


is free to take

If you are willing to buy "" domain

please check the following links:

3114 - Forum -  => (need to Sign In - accounting ( )

3113 - Bug reports - => (need to Sign In - accounting (

3115 - Webshop - => 

3116 - Support ticket -  => 

Broken links 

ID3100 You are trying to connect to a remote database! This version does not support that by default! Please contact us at to support the project and receive your multi-user license! 

ID3117 Unregistered version! Please buy this plugin at and support the TurboCASH4 development. 

ID3118 This demo plugin allows %s records to be entered. If you need more, please buy the product at 

ID3120 :Time license expires in 1 day! Please contact 

ID3121 :Time license expires in %s days! Please contact 

ID20078 This version will only work till 1-3-2005 for more info go to

3122 in French, Estonian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish languages 

3100 in Spanish, German, Indonesian, Swahili and Xhôsa languages 

Language files not changed 

Cannot load these in my system configuration 





Language files – All other language files Updated   


ID 30 Krediteur => Krediteure

ID 31 Debiteur => Debiteure

Typos in the 26 English translation files

ID31         Debtor => Debtors 

ID30         Creditor => Creditors

ID3104         T-Ledger analyser => Ledger analyser 

ID 214         Unit Size => Units

ID 706         Credit note changed to Credit notes see document setup - All other document types are in plural on the tabs.


ID 838         Contact => Contacts

ID 1753         Incl/Excl mode => Incl./Excl. mode

ID 3409         Postalcode / tax id / regno lookup - changed to Postal code / tax id / reg. no. lookup in US to Zip code / tax id / reg. no. lookup

ID 190         Postal code changed to Zip code (see Company info screen) for American

ID 214         Units changed to Units

ID3276 + ID903141 uppercase to upper-case

ID1753         Incl/Excl mode changed to Incl./Excl. mode

ID541         Please select a Set of Books from the list below or click Bowse button to select the Set of Books you wish to copy in a folder elsewhere on your system. Fixed Browse

ID718        Or trouble on a network maped drive  mapped

ID334          Next ret. No . In other English languages  changed to Next vendor return no.

ID704        Next vendor ret. no. to  Next vendor return no.  

ID270        Date of ageing  to Date of aging (American only)

ID766         Cannot transfer tansactions to the same account! => transactions

ID906048         Vednor contact list to Vendor returns (American only)

ID3336          Next jounal no.  => journal (American only)

ID2064        Ageing  to Aging (American only)

ID906443         Ref. No. hanged to Ref. no.

ID830         Please contact your TurboCASH4 administator! Fixed administrator 

ID3349         There is document input asossiated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost! Changed to 

There is transaction(s) associated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost!

ID3350         There is transaction input asossiated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost! => There is document(s) associated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost!

ID3422        You are not yet registered to post on our forum! You will need to register TurboCASH4 to use that username password to login to our forum or shop. => Welcome to the forum. You need to sign up, or sign in, to post on our forum! (No need to Register TurboCASH4 to sign in or to register on the forum)

ID906553         VAT list vendor with tax id => Tax list vendor with tax id

ID3675          VAT list customer with tax id => Tax list customer with tax id

3674         Do you want to run this process for 1 creditor? => Do you want to run this process for 1 vendor?'


Repository Fixes
Repository - Books not Linked to correct Language 

Linked to correct System lang - language files in Setup → System parameters → Access control



FR-BOOKS Linked to Français

Unallocated => Empty – Reporting groups 1 / 2

In some databases (Sets of Books), the “Empty” tag for Reporting groups were displayed the same as the “Unallocated” tag. 

On Tools → Customize language, the “Groups empty account” is set to “Unallocated

Changed as follows: 

1.Overtype “Unallocated” with “Empty”.


2.Click change button and click Yes.

3.Reopen the Set of Books. The changes to “Empty” is reflected in Reporting groups. 

Bin/Tutorials updated in Install – Books / Publications

Set all tutorials to 1 March 2021 

Included *.txf files in the Tutorial folders Exported-Posted-batches-import-txf since the Delimited file import starst at line 2 in a batch.

TurboCASH4 (838) – 2021 Publications

The following Set of Books based on this tutorial, are installed in the “…\Bin

Accounting Made Easy \Tutorials\EN-TUTORIALS\” folder:

HANDYMAN (No transactions)

HANDYMAN-A (Unposted)


Supporting folders

Exported-Posted-batches-import-txf – Exported batch transactions may be imported into a batch using the “Posted batches import” option (F9:Process icon) on batches.