Registering TurboCASH

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Registration of TurboCASH4 is optional. There are no limitations to the number of transactions, etc.  

To use any of the powerfull plugins, you need to purchase a license for most of the Plugins. Before you can Register Plugins, you first need to

register TurboCASH.

This version of TurboCASH4.7.1 – Build 838 only supports the Online registration (via the Internet).

You need to register TurboCASH4 to:

1.Webshop - To use any of the powerful Plugins, you need to purchase a license for most of the Plugins. Before you can Register plugins, you first need to Register TurboCASH4.

2.Forum - On the shared forum, you may find topics (posts), post questions or issues, find solutions and participate in any discussions.

To Register TurboCASH:

1.Click on the Register icon on the topbar). When you launch TurboCASH for the first time (or each time, if the program is not registered), the Register icon will be displayed on the topbar.  

2.Alternatively, you may click on the Register → Online Registration menu.  The Online registration website will be launched.

To create an account:

TurboCASH and osFinancials share the same codebase. So we decided to rejoin together to make a single place of content, forum, registrations and a global shop to purchase your products. To get to this, all you need to visit the osFinancials website - TurboCASH page at osFinancials.

To register / create an account for TurboCASH on the website:

1.To create a new account, you need to register TurboCASH in the osFinancials website - TurboCASH page at osFinancials website.

2.On the osFinancials and TurboCASH registration page (, select the Create an account option.

3.Enter the following:




d)Confirm password

e)Email Address

f)Confirm Email Address

g)Settings – Frontend language – Select English (United Kingdom), English (USA) or Dutch (NL).

4.Click Register.

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