Receive Payment

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The Receive payment feature, will automatically generate the transactions to the receipts batch for a selected transaction and print a combined receipt / payment advise (if selected). The transaction will automatically be posted updated to the ledger.

It will generate the transactions as follows:  

Invoices - Positive amount - Debit Bank and Credit Debtor accounts.

Credit notes - Negative amount - Debit Debtor and Credit Bank accounts.

Purchases - Negative amount - Debit Creditor and Credit Bank accounts.

Supplier return - Positive amount - Debit Bank and Credit Creditor accounts.  

To Receive payments:

1.Go to Action → Open item link. The Totals tab of the Open item link screens will be displayed.

2.Click on the Transactions tab.

3.Select the account (i.e. Debtor or Creditor) and right-click to select the Receive payment option from the context menu. The Receive payment screen is displayed:    

4.Enter and Select the following options:

a)Date - The Operating System (e.g. Windows) date will automatically be displayed in the date field. Enter the date or select the date, if necessary.

b)Bank account - Please make sure that the correct bank account is selected.

c)Receiving from - The account code is disabled. The name of the debtor (customer / client) or creditor (supplier) is displayed. Check that the correct account is selected.

d)Reference - The Document number or reference number in batches.

e)Description - The default description is Payment follows by the Document number.

f)Amount - The default outstanding amount of the selected transaction is displayed. You may overtype this, if necessary.

g)Alias - The alias is automatically generated. It is prefixed by TR and five (5) numeric characters. You may overtype this with your own.

h)Payment method - Select the payment method Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Other.

i)Print receipt - Select to print out or not to print the receipt / payment advise. If this field is left blank, no receipt payment advise will be printed, but the details of the receipt will generate a transaction in the batch entry screen.

5.Click on the OK button.

6.Click on the OK button.

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