After selecting and double-click on a selected account on the Totals or Transactions or Unposted batches tabs, the “Open item link” screen for the selected account will be displayed.

Since the Creditor – Open item processing is basically similar to the Debtor open item processing, the Creditor open item processing will not be discussed here. 

Selected account – Default view (Open items not linked)

TurboCASH4 Open item account unlinked

Selected account – Default view (Open items linked)

TurboCASH4 Open item account linked

The following icons are available to process and manage Open item links:

1.Clear links - This option will clear the open item links for a selected debtor or creditor account.  

2.Gen BB/F - This option will clear all the open item links, and generate the ageing as balance brought forward account for a selected debtor or creditor account.

3.Unlink - This option allows you to unlink a selected transaction (a receipt or credit note, which is linked to an invoice in the case or a debtor, or a payment pr supplier return linked to a purchase transaction in the case of a creditor).

4.Process - Select (tick) the debit and credit transaction(s) to be linked. You then need to click on the Process icon. A screen “Enter amount” may be displayed on which you need to over-type the amount, if necessary. 

5.Any linked transaction(s) will be removed from the debit or credit sections of the “Open item link” screen.  

6.Statement - Click to view the selected debtor or creditor account in a statement layout with the ageing labels (e.g. Current, 30 days, 60 days, etc.).

7.Export – This will export the transactions in a Text (Export.txt)  file or a Comma separated value (Export.csv) file.

8.Close – The “Open item link” screen will be closed for the selected account.