Unposted batches tab

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The Unposted batches tab will list all transactions linked to open item accounts (i.e. ledger, debtors and creditors) in batches, which have not yet been posted (updated) to the ledger

If any transactions processed for open item accounts, and is not linked, these transactions will not be listed on the Unposted batches tab.  

When processing transactions in batches and an open item account is selected, the “Open item selection” screen list all the outstanding transaction. For example, if a payment is received, you may select to link the receipt to outstanding amount(s) in batches as well as documents.

If a transaction in unposted batches is linked to outstanding amounts in the “Open item selection” screen the transaction line will be displayed in a yellow background.

You may remove linked transactions (right-click on selected transaction(s) and select Remove on the context menu. A confirmation message "Continue action Unlink transaction?" will be displayed. Click Yes to remove the link. This will clear the links in the “Batch entry” screen.

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