Release notes - September 2018

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Version number - TurboCASH4.7.1 (Build 838)

Will display on all titlebars, Help -> About and

Welcome screen

New and changed - removed Twitter

Links working


EN-TUTORIALS - Updated to 2018




Debtor and creditor examples in the Website fields changed to from

Icons changed


TRN_1990 Standard

TRN_3380 Price agreement

TRN_3398 Location-Serials-Batches

TRN_3568 Quotes per period

TRN_3569 Credit notes per period

TRN_3570 Invoices per period

TRN_3571 Sales per product

TRN_3572 Orders per period

TRN_3573 Purchases per period

TRN_3574 Supplier returns per period

TRN_3575 Purchases per product

TRN_418 Quotes

TRN_906122 Sales per period

TRN_906160 POS

Help -About TurboCASH icon smImage46

Language files – 26 English and American files Updated  

Singular - Plural mix-ups on menus and screens

ID30 Debtor - Debtors

ID31 Creditor - Creditors

ID838 Contact - Contacts

ID 706 Credit note - Credit notes - see document setup - All other document types are in plural on the tabs.

ID 3409        Postalcode / tax id / regno lookup - changed to Postal code / tax id / reg. no. lookup in US


Typos in the 26 English translation files:

 to Zip code / tax id / reg. no. lookup

ID 190        Postal code changed to Zip code (see Company info screen) for American

ID 214        Unit size changed to Units

ID1753        Incl/Excl mode changed to Incl./Excl. mode

ID541        Please select a Set of Books from the list below or click Bowse button to select the Set of Books you wish to copy in a folder elsewhere on your system.

Fixed Browse

ID718        Or trouble on a network maped drive  mapped

ID766        Cannot transfer tansactions to the same account! Fixed transactions

ID334          Next ret. No . In other English languages  changed to Next vendor return no.

ID270        Date of ageing  to Date of aging (American only)

ID906048        Vednor contact list to Vendor returns (American only)

ID2064        Ageing  to Aging (American only)

ID906443        Ref. No. hanged to Ref. no.

ID830        Please contact your TurboCASH administator! Fixed administrator

ID3349        There is document input asossiated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost! Changed to

There is document(s) associated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost!

ID3350        There is transaction input asossiated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost! - Changed to -

There is transaction(s) associated with this project! Do you wish to continue ? All project data will be lost!

ID3422        You are not yet registered to post on our forum! You will need to register TurboCASH to use that username password to login to our forum or shop.                        Welcome to the forum. You need to sign up, or sign in, to post on our forum! (No need to Register TurboCASH to sign in or to register on the                                forum)

ID69        &Remittance advises - &Remittance advises

IF334        Next return no. - Next supplier return no.

ID704        Supplier ret. no. - Supplier return no.

ID1089        Creditor remittance advise - Creditor remittance advice

ID1129        Remittance advise to - Remittance advice to

ID3409        Postalcode / tax id / regno lookup - Postal code / tax id / reg. no. lookup

ID903154        Correct Incl. Excl. Tax amount (Reverse bug) - Correct Incl./Excl. Tax amount (Reverse bug)

ID906551        Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding - Creditor remittance advice - Outstanding


Links Updated in Language files in Ini Files and Setup Files

3114 - Forum -

3113 - Bug reports -

3114 - Forum -

3115 - Webshop -

3116 - Support ticket -

3119 - Webshop -


Document Layout files

Percentages / Rates 01.00% to 1.00%

Global prints Tax (VAT/ GST/Sales) as 01,00% instead of 1,00% on documents. In the Tax percentage  columns.

Spacing and overlapping labels of document layout files

Print Conditions  


Changed print condition to


If a Zero -rated tax is printed on some document layout files it does not print the 0% on the FRATE field in some layout files.

Tax Totals  

Document layout files not picking up the Tax of e.g. 5 % added later – This is replicated in  document layout files in TurboCASH 5 and TurboCASH 4

Changed Expression




Templates in Repository - Tidied and Updated


Setup → Batchtypes

The Bank accounts and Pettycash is Set to Consolidated balancing - Turned tat setting off in all English and Afrikaans templates (Set of Books)

Some Books had a normal Pettycash bath as well. Deleted the normal PettyCASH Batch.

"Consolidating lines and using tax will mess up your tax report! Please make sure you do not use tax or do not consolidate lines!"

Setup → Documents – Sets of Books

Set Quotes no. QU000001 to  ES000001 for Estimates – Estimate heading Quote No. changed to Estimate no. (USA books only)

Set Vendor return no. SR000001 to  VR000001 for Purchase returns.  

Tidied document headings data in all templates.

Set documents (layout files) POS-STARTSP100 Till slip in Vendor return and Estimates to similar document layout files, i.e. Vendor return (15 code) Estimates (15 code) layout files.

Set all document numbers to 000001 with their correct prefixes.

Set the Batch number to J0000001 (prefixed with J for Journal) (USA books only) and other Books to B0000001 (prefixed with B for Batch)

Setup → Stock information

Set Default selling price to Selling price 1

Setup → Access control – Documents

Added the Posting and Delete buttons to the sidebar on Action → Documents

Setup → Journal types

Added a Sales returns batch and linked the Credit notes in Documents setup to the Sales returns batch.

Added a Purchase return batch and linked the Vendor Returns tab in Documents setup to the Purchase returns batch.

Also all other books to Purchase Returns batch.

Action → Accounts - Bank Accounts - Petty CASH

Payments and Receipt batches swapped in Petty CASH accounts Checked and Fixed

Account code

Account name

Payments journal

Receipts journal









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