When processing documents you need to select the stock item in the document lines section. There are basically three (3) options to select stock items in any open / unposted document:

1.Lookup - Click on the "Item no." column of document line or when proceeding to a new line, the Lookup will automatically be launched. To edit / select an existing Item, you need to double-click on the selected item in the document line. 

2.Open fast add - The icon will launch the lookup as a part of the document entry screen (replace the header section of the document). Once finished selecting stock items, you may click on the Close fast add icon. 

TurboCASH Tip

You may enter a valid stock code, barcode or serial number and press the Enter key in the Fast add item (stockcode / barcode/ serial) field in the footer section of the document entry screen. This will insert the stock transaction in the document line.

3.Button lookup - This will launch a graphical image view of Stock group 1 and Stock images.