Documents Settings Check List

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Setup of Documents is a once-off process:

1.Setup  →  System parameters  →  Documents  Check document numbers, messages, set Layout files, etc.

2.Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups menu  Add the Cost of Sales reporting group under Account Group 1 (Reporting Group 1). Also Add Reporting Groups 1 and 2 for Document Groups and Stock Group 1 /2, where applicable.

3.Setup  →  System parameters  →  Salesperson  Add Salespersons.  

4.Setup  →  System parameters  →  Batch Types  Add Cost of Sales Batch (only to be used with Cost of Sales settings for the Default Stock Type).

5.Setup  →  System parameters  →  Stock Information menu  Unit Prices, Selling Price Descriptions, Default Selling Price.

6.Edit  →  Accounts menu  Create a Cost of Sales account for Trading Stock.

7.Edit  →  Creditor menu  Create a Sundry Supplier account.

8.Edit  →  Debtor menu  Create a Cash Customer and Linking Debtors to a Salesperson.

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