TurboCASH4 will store a record of your original documents in the system and list all documents in the numerical (document number) order and date. The document listing will list the documents for a selected document type, e.g. Invoices, Credit notes, Quotes and Point-of-Sale Invoices for debtors (customers / clients) and Purchase, Supplier returns documents and Orders for creditors (suppliers / vendors) which are generated in the Input → Documents menu. 

The document listing will list the Debtor (customer / client) or Creditor (supplier / vendor) account and name (depending on the document type), document date and the total amount for each document. The Invoice totals will display the totals for each document as Exclusive, Tax or VAT/GST/Sales tax total and the Inclusive total.

Document listing reports may be printed from the following options:

Tools → Old Reports → Documents listing menu. 

Reports → Documents listing menu (recommended).