Document Entry - Posted Documents

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Once a document (Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchases or Supplier Returns) have been updated (posted) to the ledger, you cannot edit or change these documents.

However, you may still view the documents as they were originally processed in the Document Entry screen before these documents were updated (posted) to the ledger.

To view the posted documents in the Document Entry screen, you need to:

1.Select the document type (Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes, Purchases, Supplier Returns or Orders), if necessary.

2.Select Posted on the Document List screen. The Posted documents will be listed.

3.Select the Posted document on the list.

4.Click on the Edit button. The document is displayed in the Document Entry screen:

5.To close this screen, click on the Cancel button.

The layout Document Entry screen displays all fields as on the original Document Entry screen before it was updated (posted) to the ledger.

The transaction section lists all the stock item codes and/or comments. It does not display the Speedbar (icons) background and cannot be edited.

To print the document, click on the Cancel button and click on the Print button on the Document Selection screen.

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