Copy from a Stock Item

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This option will open a Stock screen with the necessary data from a selected Stock Item. Before you can create the new Stock Item with the copied data, you need to at least enter a Stock Item Code and Save it. You may enter and / or select the optiuons for the blank fields, as necessary. If necessary you may also edit or change any of the copied data.

The data that will be copied from a selected Stock Item, may depend on the on the Stock Item type.

To Create a New Stock Item - Copy from Item Option:

1.Click on the Stock Items button (Sidebar) or click on the Edit → Stock Items menu.


The Stock Item - List View - Default screen will be displayed.

2.Select the Stock Item from the list.

3.Make absolutely sure that it is the correct Stock Item to be copied.

To view more details of the selected Stock Item, you may:

Click on the Edit button - or double-click on the selected stock item.

Use the horizontal scroll bar to view the data of the selected stock items in columns.

4.Click on the Copy from Item button. The Stock Item screen with some data from the selected Stock Item screen will ne displayed as follows:

5.Enter the new Stock Item Code.

6.Enter the necessary details in the fields, as required. You may also edit the copied data, where necessary.

7.Click on the Save button to save this stock item. The Stock Item - List View - Default screen will be displayed.

It copy the following fields :




Apply Invoice Discount tick

Reorder Level

Reorder at



Input Tax accounts

Output Tax accounts

Weight (Net and Gross)


oSales account

oCost of Sales account

oStock Control account

oPreferred Supplier 1 account

oPreferred Supplier 2 account

What it does not copy:

Stock Code



Extra Description

Selling Prices 1/2/3


oAverage Cost

oTotal Cost

oLatest Cost

oQuantity on Hand

oLast Invoice

Document Groups


Extra (does not copy the correct image but the default image)


Descriptions (Language) (copies the groups burt not the Descriptions and the text.

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