Batch Type Reports

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All transactions are entered into batches and documents and when these batches and documents are updated or posted to the Ledger transactions are generated. All transactions are stored in TurboCASH for up to two years. The format in which transactions are stored in TurboCASH is the same as the way they are entered in the batch entry screens. The quality of your reports depends on the care you have taken to enter your data or transactions correctly and to optimise the various fields in the batch entry screens.

You may enter thousands of transactions of a different nature. TurboCASH have provided you with a powerful facility to retrieve reports on each of these Batch Types. You may generate batch type reports for specific periods, or by batch numbers, or batch names. You are then able to view and analyse these transactions for each of the specific Batch Types (Journal Types), in which they were entered into the system.

Sales - Sales Journal

Purchases - Purchases Journal

Payments - Payments Journal

Receipts - Receipts Journal

Petty Cash - Petty Cash Payments Journal

General - Adjustments, correction of errors, Depreciation, Payroll transactions, etc. - General Journal

You may also create additional batch types to enter and update or post specific transactions to the Ledger. These additional Batch Types would then be reflected in the Batch Type Report.

If you generate documents in the Input → Documents menu the documents will be updated and posted to the Ledger and be included in the Batch Type reports for the following Journals:

Sales Journal - Invoices and Credit Notes

Purchase Journal - Purchase documents and Supplier Returns documents.

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