You would only know what your bank charges are when you actually receive your bank statement from the bank. Any bank charges that have to be paid must be entered into your "Payments journal", and only interest received must be entered into your "Receipts journal".

It is always a good idea to use a reference number; such as your Bank statement number; so as have a reference to the specific bank statement. 

You now need to go back to your Payments journal and enter your bank charges. Press the Esc key to exit the reconciliation. 

Before exiting the batch, make sure that you have clicked on the Apply Reconciled option on the Process button to save the “ticks” and reconcile the ticked items).

To Enter the Bank Charges and Finalise the Bank reconciliation:

1.Click on the Batch entry icon. (You may also press the F2 key). The Batch type screen will be displayed.

2.Select the Payments jnl  and click on the Open button. The Payments journal screen will be displayed.

3.Enter the Alias (BatchName) as “ABC-PaymentsBS5”.

4.Enter the following transaction:

a)Reference: BS5

b)Date: 2021/03/31

c)Account: Bank Charges

d)Tax: Select No tax for the purposes of this tutorial. 

VAT/GST/Sales tax may be applicable to some charges on your bank statement, if you are registered as a VAT/GST/Sales tax vendor.

e)Amount: 45.00 DR

In practice, it is easier to enter any bank charges, debit orders, interest, etc. into your Payments or Receipts Journals before starting the reconciliation.

5.Balance the batch. After entering the transactions and balancing the batch, the Payments  jnl is as follows:TurboCASH4 Enter bank charges in payments batch

Remember to over type the description “BALANCING ENTRY Payments  jnl” with “Bank charges - Bank statement no.5”.

6.Post the batch.

7.Press the Esc key to exit the batch or journal. 

8.Go back to your bank reconciliation and reconcile your bank charges. (To do this, tick the Unreconciled item and click the Process icon and select the Apply Reconciled option) on the The Difference in the bottom right-hand corner of the Reconcile bank account  screen should now reflect a nil balance.

Once you have completed your bank reconciliation, you must check that your Cashbook is, in fact, in balance.

9.Click on the Report icon.

TurboCASH4 will subtract any unreconciled payments and add any unreconciled receipts from the bank balance according to the bank statement, thus giving a reconciled balance.

10.Click on the Close button of the Reconcile bank account options screen; or press the Esc key to exit (close) these screens.